York Property Solutions Partners

Walker Graham

York Property Solutions have a collaborative partnership with the pragmatic, proactive architectural practice Walker and Graham LLP. As a result of the partnership we are able to create a high performance team to meet every clients new build and property extension requirements. By working together and utilising all our experiences we are able to ensure buildabilty and affordability, whilst not compromising on quality and the final visual appearance of the build.

The opportunity to have a Builder and Architect working together from day one, who already have an understanding and working relationship really is priceless. When this is then coupled with our 3d modelling service, which we utilise on every scheme, we really are able to ensure and guarantee our clients a unique, modern, professional service that produces a quality and an economical end product. Please contact us through the link on the right to arrange a consultation and planning drawings if required.



Sellers of Distinction

York Property Solutions have a direct link with the estate agents Sellers of Distinction, based in York Sellers of Distinction comprehensively cover York and all surrounding area. Therefore if you have a desire to develop a property and vend it in the high demand York property market we are happy to organise a referral to the Sellers of Distinction team which will result in you benefiting financially from unique fees for York Property Solution customers.


Letters of Distinction

We have a bespoke partnership with Letters of Distinction, York’s premier letting agent. We are entrusted with managing and completing all the maintenance works associated with the property’s managed by Letters of Distinction. Therefore if you have a property which you require letting please click on the link below for further details of a very professional comprehensive service, because York Property Solution customers will receive the financial benefit of exclusive management fees following a referral.




For all enquiries or to arrange a free consultation with one of our experienced team members please contact York Property Solutions, Phone 01904 607505 or email info@yorkpropertysolutions.co.uk